The City of Sioux Falls is constructing its first roundabout on Career Avenue by the University Center. This information will help you learn about and navigate around roundabouts

What is a Roundabout?

A Roundabout is a type of circular intersection with yield control of entering traffic, islands on the approaches, and appropriate roadway curvature to reduce vehicle speeds.

Modern Roundabouts are different from rotaries and other traffic circles. For example, roundabouts are typically smaller than the large, high-speed rotaries still in use in some parts of the country. In addition, roundabouts are typically larger than neighborhood traffic circles used to calm traffic.

Why consider a Roundabout?

Compared to other types of intersections, roundabouts have demonstrated safety and other benefits.

  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Congestion
  • Reduce Pollution and Fuel Use
  • Save Money
  • Complement Other Common Community Values

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