The City of Sioux Falls is committed to pedestrian safety and accessibility in our community. As safe spaces for pedestrian movement and access, sidewalks enhance connectivity and promote an active lifestyle.


The goal of the Sidewalk Inspection & Repair Program is to make sidewalks safe and accessible for all users. Repair and maintenance of sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner per South Dakota Codified Law. Annually, an area of the city is designated for inspection. Engineering Division staff inspect the sidewalk within that area to determine if repairs are needed and, if so, notify property owners of the required repairs. A different area of the city is selected each year. The Sidewalk Inspection & Repair Program brochure, Common Sidewalk Defects and Acceptable Repairs and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provide additional information on this program.


A permit is required for any work performed on sidewalks or driveway approaches. The required permit can be obtained at the Engineering Office in City Hall and at a cost of $15. In addition, contractors working within the public right-of-way are required to meet the City’s bonding and liability insurance requirements.


The City takes pride in providing sidewalks that are readily accessible and usable by all pedestrians. The City's Sidewalk Network Inventory and Assessment and Transition Plan: Accessibility of Pedestrian Facilities in the Public Right-of-Way provide information on sidewalk, curb ramps, pedestrian signals and future improvements to enhance accessibility.


To submit a concern to the City regarding sidewalk condition or to request new sidewalk installation, please contact us. Requests must be specific and include contact information to allow City staff to clarify or follow-up on the concern.


Property owners or builders are responsible for constructing sidewalk adjacent to properties where sidewalks do not currently exist. On new sites and subdivisions, sidewalks are typically required on both sides of all streets as well as on adjacent arterial streets. There may be times when a need for sidewalks arise on property that is fully developed but has never had sidewalks. In these instances, South Dakota Codified Law gives the City Council the authority to order installation of sidewalk.