Liquid Waste Control Program (LWCP)

Liquid Waste Control Program (LWCP)

The Liquid Waste Control Program (LWCP) was developed to assist local businesses in proper disposal of hauled liquid wastes. The majority of these liquid wastes do not meet the established local limits and require significant treatment.

The primary generators of these liquid wastes are from local small businesses (gas stations, automotive repair shops, auto body shops, car washes), which do not have the resources or technical personnel to be familiar with the requirements of environmental regulations. Also, the City of Sioux Falls metropolitan area has limited options for the disposal of liquid wastes collected in shop interceptors, receptacles, holding tanks or septic tanks. Refusal of these wastes would leave local businesses with few or no alternatives, which could eventually lead to an increase in improper disposal of these wastes into the environment.

To ensure these wastes are disposed of properly, the City of Sioux Falls has decided to accept these liquid wastes as long as generators and haulers abide by the LWCP Rules and Section 53.065 of the Revised Ordinances of the City of Sioux Falls.

There are possibly more than 1,000 Liquid Waste Generators (LWG) within the City’s service area. While it is unlikely that one LWG by itself may pose an environmental threat to the City’s Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW), the cumulative effect of all unregulated LWGs could cause a significant pollution impact on the facility or the environment.

The LWCP is administered by the Public Works Environmental Division. Any LWG that has a valid LWG Permit is exempt from the established local limits. In order to receive a LWG Permit, the business must adopt a Pollution Prevention Plan and Policy Statement as it pertains to the generation of liquid waste.

The Environmental Division feels this voluntary pollution prevention alternative is a win-win solution. This program has helped to decrease pollutants that may harm the environment and also has given area business an opportunity to use the City’s environmental professionals as a resource to maintain compliance on many State or Federal environmental laws or regulations.

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For any questions related to the Liquid Waste Control Program contact the Environmental Division at 605-367-8276.