Southeastern Avenue Sewer Lining and Asphalt Mill & Overlay, Klondike Trail to 49th Street


Project Update: 8/16/2019

  • Traffic has been shifted to the west side of Southeastern Ave, from 41st Street to 49th Street, to allow for the project work all along the east side of Southeastern Ave, from Klondike Trail to 49th Street.  
  • Work continues along the east side of Southeastern Ave, with curb & gutter and curb ramp repairs continuing from north to south.    
  • The sanitary sewer bypass piping installation has begun. This bypass piping will be installed above ground for a 1 mile length, from Old Orchard Trail to 41st Street. This bypass piping will allow for the project’s sanitary sewer repairs to begin as early as next week.  

Project Milestones

  • Sanitary manhole replacement
  • Sanitary sewer lining (CIPP)
  • Curb and gutter repairs
  • Installation of ADA compliant sidewalk ramps
  • Asphalt milling and overlay

Commuter Route Information

  • The Bike Trail along the west side of Southeastern Avenue is open for use. 
  • Southeastern will be closed to through traffic south of 26th Street. Traffic will be detoured to Cliff Avenue and Sycamore Avenue. 

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Project Overview

Contract Amount: $3.69 million  

Completion Date: November 8, 2019

Project Summary

Work will be performed along Southeastern Avenue, south of the intersection of 26th Street & Southeastern Avenue; with the project work limits from Klondike Trail to 49th Street.  Major work items will include sanitary sewer manhole replacements, sanitary sewer lining (CIPP), curb and gutter repairs, ADA compliant sidewalk ramps, and asphalt milling & overlay.

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
John Osman, Project Manager
(605)-367-8640 (office)


HDR Engineering
Lance McQueen 
(605) 977-7740 (Office)  
(605) 610-7955 (Cell)

Contractor Name

H&W Contracting, LLC