Snow Alerts

City officials will declare a snow alert for plows to clear the streets after at least 2 inches of snow. Plow drivers focus on emergency snow routes first, then move into each of Sioux Falls' three zones to clear off all city streets.

During a snow alert, cars parked on the street will be ticketed and towed.

Basic Notifications

Be the first to know: Basic notifications will be sent when a snow alert is issued.

*Carrier charges may apply for text messages.

Snow alerts will also be announced on local news stations, social media, and on Follow the City of Sioux Falls on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed.

Customized Notifications

Want detailed updates about snow removal in your specific snow zone? The City's alert system allows residents to track snow removal as well as receive notifications by text, email, and phone call.

City of Sioux Falls Alerts

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