Garbage Can into a Rain Barrel Instructions

Tools Needed: 
Power Drill
Jig Saw
7/8” Flat Head Drill Bit
2 3/8” Hole Saw Bit
Silicone and Caulk Gun

Spigot 3/4” x 3/4”
PVC Adapter 2” (threaded for plug)
PVC Coupler 2”
PVC Plug for 2” Adapter
Flex drain that fits your home gutter

Optional Parts for Multiple Barrels:
2 Hose Adapters 3/4” x 3/4”
Corresponding hose 1-2’ in length
Additional barrel
2 hose clamps


  1. Identify a location near your downspout to place your barrel
  2. For easier access to your spigot, place barrel on concrete blocks
  3. Trace around the bottom of your flex drain on the flat portion of the lid of your garbage container
  4. Using your jig saw, cut a hole in the lid of your garbage container by following the line you just drew
  5. Put your flex drain into the hole and extend the flex drain so that it can reach the side of your house
  6. Cut your eaves trough off so that the top of the flex drain can reach your eaves trough
  7. Follow the instructions on the flex drain to attach it to your eaves trough

  8. Next, pick a spot near the bottom of your barrel away from your house to put your spigot
  9. Using a 7/8” drill bit, drill a hole into your garbage can for your spigot
  10. Push and begin to thread your spigot into the hole, if it is difficult, use your drill bit to round out the hole a little wider
  11. Before you push your spigot all the way in, apply a small amount of silicone to the threading
  12. Screw your spigot in all the way and wipe away any access silicone

  13. Using a 2 3/8” hole saw, drill a hole towards the top of your barrel near the front
  14. Insert your 2” PVC adapter into the hole
  15. On the inside of the barrel, push the PVC coupler into the adapter to prevent it from falling out
  16. On the outside of the barrel, screw in your PVC plug if you choose to block the overflow

    Optional—To attach multiple barrels to your down spout follow the directions below:
  17. Pick a location 1-2” below your overflow and drill a hole using the 7/8” drill bit
  18. Apply silicone to a 3/4” by 3/4” hose adapter and push it into the hole (Note: it will be difficult to get this piece into the hole since it is so small. Use your drill bit to buff out the hole and make it slightly larger)
  19. Wipe away any access silicone
  20. Attach two hose clamps on either side of a 1-2’ piece of hose and screw hose clamp into the hose adapter
  21. In your second barrel, drill another using the 7/8” drill bit and screw your second hose adapter into the hole
  22. Attach your hose to the second barrel by screwing the other side of the hose into the hose adapter