SAM Transit Development Plan
Stakeholder’s Meetings

The city of Sioux Falls and Sioux Area Metro are in the process of updating SAM’s Transit Development Plan, a document which is developed through local public participation to guide the future of transportation using available resources and meeting community needs in the most efficient way possible.

A survey has been deployed for passengers as well as the general public, and is available at, to aid in this process.  Please consider taking the survey and to be a voice.

Public stakeholder meetings will be held to talk about the Transit Development Plan and the future of transit in Sioux Falls.  Stakeholder meetings will be held on the following dates/times at the City Center Building, 231 North Dakota Avenue, Cooper Room.  We look forward to gathering community input and appreciate your participation.

Please RSVP by email to either e-mail address what day/time you are able to attend.

Thank you for your interest in the public transit system.

Wednesday – August 3rd
3:30 p.m.
5:30 p.m.

Bren Schweitzer 

Monday – August 1st:
10 a.m.
12 Noon
Sam Trebilcock, Senior Planner 

Updated schedules for Crosstown routes

Effective June 18: Crosstown route service will start and end an hour earlier (7:45 a.m.–2:45 p.m.)

The Crosstown East and West routes offer hourly service across Sioux Falls to two busy areas: Dawley Farm Village and 41st/Louise.

Route brochures: East | West
*Note the last route will be 2:45 PM - updated schedules to follow

Use the SAM On Demand app to ride transfer free on Saturdays

Don’t have the app?  Want to learn about how to use it?

Visit our help guide for more information:

Kids ride free, all summer long

A school ID allows kids to ride fixed-route buses for free, ages 11 to 18 can ride unaccompanied by an adult. Kids younger than 10 need to ride with an adult, but won’t pay a fare. Don’t have a school ID?

Sioux Area Metro, also referred to as SAM, provides bus and paratransit services in Sioux Falls.

Building Innovation Capacity

Discover how the Office of Innovation partnered with Planning and Development services to use Innovation Teams to tackle transit and spread innovation in Sioux Falls.

Building Innovation Capacity Report

Vets Ride Free

Beginning Monday, September 14, 2015 veterans can ride any Sioux Area Metro Fixed Route bus for free.  Proper identification is required which include one of the following: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Identification Card or a South Dakota state issued Operator License or Identification Card with “VETERAN” identified on the front of the license or ID card.

More Information and ID Card Examples

Transit Development Plan

The Transit Development Plan contains public transit strategies, includes a 10-year financial strategy, provides an implementation plan for new or modified transit routes, and reviews the demand for public transportation in the City. A link to the plan can be found here under Development Plan.  

Public Transit Advisory Board

Transit's New Flash Card

Reloadable Flash Cards are now available!

Read more about it.

Transit's New Flash Card

Sioux Area Metro Travel Training

What is Bus Travel Training?

It is classroom training for people who want to learn to travel independently using the regular bus system. One-on-one training is also available. Download the guide below for more information on session topics and contact number.

Bus Travel Training Information

The mission of Sioux Area Metro is to have a positive social and economic impact on the community by providing a safe and reliable transportation option for all citizens.

Boards and Commissions

Transit Survey

The City of Sioux Falls and Sioux Area Metro want to hear your thoughts about public transit:

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