Fares, Policies, and Information

Bus Stop Accessibility

If you are not able to access a bus stop on the fixed-route system due to a functional disability, you may be eligible for Paratransit service. You can find out more about paratransit service and complete an application form by clicking here.

Sioux Area Metro Fares, Policies, and Information

Service is provided Monday through Saturday. No service is provided on Sundays, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.

FREEDOM PASS Youth Program (during school vacation) FREE
Adults and students $1.50
10-ride pass $10.50
Persons over 65 yrs. (eligibility card required) 75¢
Persons with disabilities (eligibility card required) 75¢
Medicare Cardholders (eligibility card required) 75¢
Children 6 to 10 yrs. and under 75¢
Children 5 yrs. and under Free
Adult 30-day pass $30
30-Day Pass, elderly (65+) and persons with a disability $15
7-day pass $12.50
7-Day Pass, elderly (65+) and persons with a disability $6.25
One day pass $3
One day pass, elderly (65+) and persons with a disability $1.50
Paratransit $2.50
Veterans (with approved ID - click here for more info)  Free

Cash FareExact Change Only

Where to Buy Passes: Sioux Area Metro bus passes may be purchased at The Bus Stop, 120 East 11th Street; the Sioux Area Metro Office, 500 East Sixth Street and at all Lewis Drug Stores in Sioux Falls. When an eligibility card is required: Application available at the downtown Bus Stop or Sioux Area Metro offices or by calling Sioux Area Metro at (605) 367-7151. Tickets and passes may also be purchased by mail. Please send a check payable to Sioux Area Metro, 500 E 6th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57103.

Passenger Rules: While aboard any Sioux Area Metro vehicle, no passenger shall do any of the following:

  1. Smoke or possess any lighted or smoldering type of smoking materials including matches and lighters. This rule also applies in all bus stop shelters;
  2. Eat or drink. Any beverages carried on board must be in a covered container (Fast food restaurant cups and disposable coffee cups are not allowed);
  3. Consume alcohol, be intoxicated, and/or reek of alcohol;
  4. Possess any firearm or other type of weapon;
  5. Intentionally interfere with the operator’s safe operation of the bus;
  6. Throw or deposit trash of any kind in a bus;
  7. Intentionally damage or deface any bus, shelter, or other Sioux Area Metro property;
  8. Possess any high explosive, corrosive acid, or flammable liquid, including car and motorcycle batteries;
  9. Create any type of disturbance that would cause an adverse affect on the ability of Sioux Area Metro to provide an acceptable level of service to the public, including (but not limited to): unsafe riding practices, using profane or indecent language, yelling, lying down or putting your feet on the seats, and being in neglect of personal hygiene. Personal audio devices must utilize a headset;
  10. At the downtown Bus Stop, please observe and obey the posted rules. Smoking is allowed only outdoors and not within the yellow marked areas near the doors to buses. Loitering is not allowed. All other passenger rules apply at the Bus Stop.
  11. Ride excessively. Passengers must have a destination on the route they are traveling.

Dime-A-Time Field Trip Policy: Youth groups, of age six and under, may utilize Sioux Area Metro for field trips at a reduced fare. Attending adults will be charged $0.25 each way and children $0.10 each way. Trips must be arranged in advance through the Sioux Area Metro Operations Manager, (605) 978-6903.

Stroller and Grocery Carry-on Policy: Policies regarding the transportation of Groceries and Strollers are outlined in the policy brochure available on the right.

Due to Weather Conditions, Sioux Area Metro may provide service on emergency snow routes only or may cancel service. Listen to local radio/TV stations for service changes due to weather-related conditions. Emergency snow route schedules may be obtained at The Bus Stop, 120 East 11th Street.

SAM No-Refund Policy:  SAM does not provide full or partial refund for unused fare media. SAM assumes no responsibility for lost tickets or passes. In the event that an individual is suspended from utilizing SAM services either for cause or through a Criminal Trespass Notice, refunds will not be provided.