Passenger Rules

Passenger Rules: While aboard any Sioux Area Metro vehicle, no passenger shall do any of the following:

1.Smoke or possess any lighted or smoldering type of smoking materials including matches and lighters. This rule also applies in all bus stop shelters;

2.Eat or drink. Any beverages carried on board must be in a covered container (Fast food restaurant cups and disposable coffee cups are not allowed);

3.Consume alcohol, be intoxicated, and/or reek of alcohol;

4.Possess any firearm or other type of weapon;

5.Intentionally interfere with the operator’s safe operation of the bus;

6.Throw or deposit trash of any kind in a bus;

7.Intentionally damage or deface any bus, shelter, or other Sioux Area Metro property;

8.Possess any high explosive, corrosive acid, or flammable liquid, including car and motorcycle batteries;

9.Create any type of disturbance that would cause an adverse affect on the ability of Sioux Area Metro to provide an acceptable level of service to the public, including (but not limited to): unsafe riding practices, using profane or indecent language, yelling, lying down or putting your feet on the seats, and being in neglect of personal hygiene. Personal audio devices must utilize a headset;

10.At the downtown Bus Stop, please observe and obey the posted rules. Smoking is allowed only outdoors and not within the yellow marked areas near the doors to buses. Loitering is not allowed. All other passenger rules apply at the Bus Stop.

11.Ride excessively. Passengers must have a destination on the route they are traveling.