Slurry Seal Project Information

A slurry seal is a low cost preventative maintenance treatment used to extend the life of a street in good condition and address minor defects. A slurry seal is a ½” layer applied on top of the existing asphalt surface by a paver and is a mixture of asphalt oil, small rock and other additives. The slurry seal process is very fast and streets are typically open to traffic within a few hours after application.

Project Status Map

This is an example that shows the type of construction work that is conducted during slurry seal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my car gets towed?
If your car does get towed it will just be around the corner. You can call 367-8255 to find the exact location of your vehicle. You are not charged if your car does get towed.

How long before I can drive on it?
You can typically drive straight on it after 3 hours. It is preferred that you wait 6 hours after application before you turn on the treated street.

When will you be on my street?
Weather pending we will door tag you the night before we are going to slurry your street. You can also follow along with the interactive map at siouxfalls,org/slurry or call 367-8255 with any questions.