Frequently Asked Questions

Events that are open to the general public and take place on city property are required to be coordinated through the City of Sioux Falls’ special event permit process. Typically, these events require permits, licenses and approvals from several City departments depending on the size and nature of the special event.
Complete the online application for hosting an event on City property.
The application process open mid to late November for the upcoming year. Returning events will have first right of refusal on their time, date and location.
The minimum permit process is 60 days. For larger events a minimum processing time of four to six months is suggested. Once you submit your forms, we will contact you if additional time may be necessary due to the logistical requirements of your event.
Once a completed application is submitted, it is reviewed for compatibility in the master calendar.
Once you receive you receipt, you my begin advertising your date, time and location. If you are hosting a walk, run or marathon, we ask that you do not post your route until after you have approval to do so or until after you have met with the special event committee.

Yes. All events require insurance coverage in the amounts listed below. Insurance coverage must be maintained for the duration of the event.

The City of Sioux Falls must be named as an additional insured. City of Sioux Falls, 224 West Ninth Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57104. If the event is held within the downtown district, Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. must also be listed as an additional insured.

$1 million per occurrence.
$2 million general aggregate.
$1 million alcohol liability insurance required, if applicable.

Certificate must be submitted 30 days prior to the event. It can be emailed to 

If amplified or elevated sound is needed for your event, you must apply for the necessary permit. No permit is required if amplified sound is for a private event lasting one (1) hour or less or for religious organization conducting a worship service. Additional fees apply.

A special one-day license approved by the City Council pursuant to SDCL 35 4 124 is required. Additional fees apply. Contact Licensing Office at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the event.

If your event involves the sale or use of alcohol, you must provide a copy of your liquor liability insurance to the Park Office, two weeks in advance of the event.

To submit a Street Closure Permit please register to You must review the Rules and Regulations for Street Closure. If you have additional questions please call City Engineering at 605-367-8601.

Sioux Falls City Council passed an ordinance in May 2017 regarding tobacco use on city property. Smoking is prohibited at Special Events unless the event planner designates a defined area, which would require approval from the Director of Parks and Recreation.

To establish a Smoking/Tobacco-free event, please refer to the Breathe Well Event Toolkit for Hosting Smoke/Tobacco-Free Events on City Property at

Approved special events in parks are smoke-free unless the event requests a designated smoking area, which is subject to approval from the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Requesting a designated smoking area, the event planner will be required to:

  • Minimize public exposure to second hand smoke.
  • Define smoking area; including a detailed map.
  • Provide ample signage and perimeter markers.
  • Responsible for providing high volume receptacles.
  • Responsible for clean-up of the designated smoking area.
Costs will vary depending on the size and nature of your event and will be calculated following a review of your completed application. If you need additional days for setup, breakdown, or other areas of the park need to be reserved as part of your event to guarantee the safety of either your participants or general park users, there will be additional fees.


Event Classification Fee 

Class 1—10,000 or more   $500 
Class 2—2,500 to 9,999
All Parades 
Class 3—500 to 2,499
Class 4—Under 500
Shelter Reservation Fee (if applicable, per day)
Band Shell Reservation Fee (if applicable, per day)
Lighting the Falls (if applicable, per day)
  • Colors offered are blue, red, green, pink, purple, yellow, and orange.
Showmobile Stage Reservation Fee (if applicable, per day) 
  • 40 feet x 16 feet, requires 110 volts within 40 feet of power source.
Bleacher Reservation Fee (if applicable, per day)
  • 52 feet x 20 feet; seats approximately 300 people.
Permits will be available for pickup at the City Center the Wednesday prior to the event date. Permits must be paid upon receipt.

As you are planning an event in a City Park and considering food trucks (mobile food vendors), please ensure they are (annually, per calendar year) licensed to vend in the City of Sioux Falls. If they are not on the current list when requesting your event permits, they will NOT be allowed at your event.

If you do not see your vendor on the list currently, please encourage them to fill out their Mobile Food Vendor Application, which can be found at or call 605-367-7226 for more information.

You can find a list of current licensed food trucks here.

Point of Sale Permits are $50 per vendor, per day.  Event Planners are responsible for requesting the permit for each of the vendors.

If you are catering an event in a park, please contact the Park Office for further details at 605-367-8222. (Mon-Fri; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

A special event permit is not required for events that take place on private property. Depending on the nature of the event, various permits may be required including the following:

  • If you will have food sales please contact the Health Department for a Health Permit at 605-367-8760.
  • If you will have tents over 1,000 square feet, a Canopy/Tent Permit is required from the SF Fire Rescue at 605-367-8093.
  • If you are using amplified sound you must adhere to the City’s noise ordinance regarding hours of amplified sound and sound decibel limitations. For a Sound Permit contact the Health Department at 605-367-8760.
Please send email to or call 605-367-8218.