Other Types of Events

  • Planning a Parade  
  • Wedding Ceremony Location Reservations 
  • Assembly Permit/March/Demonstration/Candlelight Vigil— Any demonstration, rally, gathering or group of 25 or more persons, animals or vehicles, or a combination thereof, having a common purpose, design or goal, upon any public street, sidewalk, alley or other public place, which assembly substantially inhibits the usual flow of pedestrians or vehicular travel or which occupies any public area, but does not rise to the definition of a special event. Please contact SF Police Department at 605-978-6735 for a permit.
  • Activities otherwise exempt from a permit may be terminated and participants ordered to disperse by the Police if, after warning the participants and providing an opportunity to comply, participants are not in compliance with the provisions of this paragraph.
  • Planning an event on private property—event planners will need permits as outline by ordinance. For example: sound, selling in the park system, alcohol, food distribution etc.