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The Sioux Falls Mosquito Control Program uses the product AquaReslin® from Bayer. AquaReslin® is a concentrate that consists of 20 percent Permethrin (a type 1 pyrethroid) as the active ingredient, and 20 percent Piperonyl Butoxide (which is a synergist). Permethrin is a synthetic derivative of natural pyrethrins (a daisy-like flower). The remaining 60 percent of the formulation consists of inert ingredients that allow uniform mixing of the concentrate with water.

All adulticide applications done by the City of Sioux Falls Mosquito Control Program are applied at mid-label rates. Using a specialized cold aerosol mist spray generator, called an ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprayer, the mixture of AquaReslin® and water is forced through a nozzle that disseminates the product into the air in a very specific fashion. The goal is to create a cloud of product that lingers in the air for as long as possible. This allows mosquitoes the opportunity to fly through it, before it falls to the ground. The mosquito must come in contact with a droplet in order for it to work. Once the cloud settles, it is no longer effective and will breakdown in the environment quickly.

Because of the specificity of this process, our ULV machines are droplet tested and calibrated each spring to ensure proper application rates as per label, EPA and State regulations.

The AquaReslin® mixture, sprayed through the ULV nozzle puts out 1.31 grams of permethrin and 1.31 grams synergist per acre. An acre is 43,560 square feet, meaning only 0.03 milligrams per square foot of insecticide is being applied to control adult mosquitoes. This amount is equivalent to .0006 tsp! This small amount is adequate due to the minute size of a mosquito’s body.

An effective spray will not eliminate all mosquitoes in an area, but will knock down a percentage of adult activity, slowing down the lifecycle and more importantly, reducing the number of biting adults that cannot only annoy us, but vector diseases.

See the label for AquaReslin® under our Products List.

For additional information summarizing the AquaReslin® formulation.