Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control: Active

Mosquitos are active so we are monitoring and spraying regularly. See the latest Mosquito Control alerts from our texting service.

Mosquito Control alerts

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Sprays run seasonally, usually starting in early June and wrapping up by October. Sign up for mosquito spray text alerts by texting SPRAY to 888-777.

Why we spray

The Mosquito Control Program limits harmful mosquitos that spread viruses like West Nile. South Dakota is the number one hotspot for West Nile in the United States.

Trucks spray low-concentration products in the air, reducing the number of harmful mosquitos. This allows residents to safely enjoy the outdoors.

When we spray

The Mosquito Control Program monitors the population of harmful mosquitos. Mosquitos are trapped and tested each weekday. We spray a zone or city-wide if enough harmful mosquitos are found.

To learn what zone you are in, use our Interactive Spray Zone Map. Sign up for text alerts so you know when we are spraying in your Zone.

We spray at night when the mosquitos are out, unless it is too cool, too windy or raining. Recreational trails may be sprayed in the evening or morning hours, as mosquito activity is at its peak at dawn and dusk.

The products used in our sprays are specifically formulated for mosquito control purposes and have been proven to present low-risk to people, pets, and the environment. If you have a medical sensitivity or wish to avoid the trucks, please sign up for text alerts so that you can make personal decisions during our control efforts.

About the sprays

The Mosquito Control Program uses safe, industry-tested products. We use the smallest amount of chemicals necessary. The active ingredients are less than a fraction of a raindrop per square foot. The Environmental Protection Agency evaluates our sprays to ensure they do not pose a risk to our community.

If you have questions, read our FAQs or call our Mosquito Control Program at 605-367-8799.

Find your spray zone

Interactive Spray Zone Map