Tallgrass Avenue 74th Street to 85th Street sanitary Sewer and Water Main

Project Update 5/12/2022  

  • The Contractor has completed installation of all the underground utilities on the project.
  • They have also completed restoration of the gravel surfacing.
  • The remainder of the work on the project site includes hauling away spoil piles, general cleanup, and final restoration and seeding. 

Commuter Route Information: 

  • The barricades and traffic control have been removed from the project site.
  • Tallgrass Avenue and 85th Street are now open to traffic. 

Project Milestones  

  1. Water main installation on Tallgrass Avenue from 74th Street to Sunny View Drive.
  2. Water main installation on Tallgrass Avenue from Sunny View Drive to 85th Street.
  3. Water main installation in the Tallgrass/85th St. Intersection.
  4. Sanitary sewer installation on Tallgrass Avenue north of 85th Street.
  5. Water main and sanitary sewer on 85th street west of Tallgrass/85th St. intersection.
  6. Surfacing on Tallgrass Avenue.
  7. Surfacing on 85th Street.
  8. Final restoration and seeding.


Completion Date:

June 24, 2022

Contract Amount: 


Project Summary:

This project will include the installation of water main on Tallgrass Avenue from 74th street to the south side of 85th street, and on 85th street to the west from the Tallgrass Avenue intersection. Improvements will also include installation of sanitary sewer to the north and west of the Tallgrass Avenue/85th Street intersection. After the utilities are completed, the gravel surfacing will be restored for the end of the project. 

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
Nick Rezac

Consultant Name:

DGR Engineering 
Aaron Miller

Contractor Name:

H&W Contracting Inc