Terry Avenue and 43rd Street Drainage Improvements

Terry Ave.

Update: 8/23/2019

  • All major work items are now complete.  
  • Marion park grass has been reseeded.
  • Clean up work will continue, which includes seeding and restoration of Marion Park and the boulevards. 
  • A seal coat will be applied to 44th St near Marion Park.   

Project Milestones

  1. Phase 5 West - (43rd St, Larch Ave, 44th St) - santiary sewer, storm sewer, and water main replacement and new surfacing.
  2. Phase 6 West - (Fairhall Ave and 43rd St) - storm sewer and surfacing replacement
  3. Phase 7 West - (Larch Ave) - water main and surfacing replacement
  4. Phase 1A East - (Cathy Ave from 45th St north to detention outlet) - spot sanitary sewer work, storm sewer, and water main replacement and new surfacing
  5. Phase 6 East - (Gateway Blvd) - spot sanitary sewer work, storm sewer replacement and new surfacing
  6. Phase 7 East - (Terry Ave north of 43rd St) - new water main and new surfacing 
  7. Phase 1 West - Marion Park

Commuter Route Information

  • No impacts

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Project Overview

Estimated Completion Date

August, 2019

Contract Amount


Project Summary

Installation of an underground storm water detention facility in Marion Park to provide drainage improvements.  Also including street and utility improvements to 22 neighborhood blocks.

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls

Dena Knutson, Project Manager
605-367-8630 (office)


Stockwell Engineers
605-310-8243 (cell)


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