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Water Conservation Tips

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Outdoor Water Conservation Video

Water Conservation Tips

Stage 1 Lawn Watering Stage 1 Lawn Watering

Lawn Watering: Stage 1

Sioux Falls is currently in Stage 1 of the lawn watering program. Lawn watering for all residential, commercial, industrial, and City facilities will use the following schedule: Users with even-numbered addresses may water lawns on even-numbered calendar dates and users with odd-numbered addresses may water lawns on odd-numbered calendar dates. Watering lawns is not allowed during the hours of 12 p.m. (noon) to 5 p.m.

Lawn Watering Program

City Plumbing Rebate Program

Replace your older toilets, sprinkler system timers and irrigation rain sensors with newer water-saving models and you may qualify for rebates from the City to help offset your cost. You will save money on your water bill each month and could receive a credit from the City! Some restrictions apply.

Plumbing Rebates

Lawn Watering Program

The City of Sioux Falls’ lawn watering program has three stages that take into account water available in the Big Sioux River, the Big Sioux Aquifer, and through the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System. It also uses the daily demand for water to determine how and when we change between stages of conservation.

Lawn Watering Schedules Summary

Water Feature Water Feature

WATER: Use Less, Save More

Free water-saving devices are available, including showerheads, leak detector tablets, garden hose nozzles, and soil moisture meters. Limited quantities are free to all City of Sioux Falls water customers and are available at City Hall and the Utility Billing Office.

Water Conservation Devices

Dear Sioux Falls Water Customers:

In our efforts to provide a safe, adequate, and affordable supply of drinking water to our customers, the City of Sioux Falls remains firmly committed to the careful management of our available water resources. Having access to an adequate supply of water does not mean that this valuable resource should be wasted. To promote water conservation, the City:

  • Has established water rates that provide a financial incentive for conserving water
  • Establishes plumbing codes that require the use of fixtures that conserve water
  • Is engaged in public education programs to encourage the wise use of water
  • Provides funding for plumbing and rain sensor rebate programs to provide additional financial incentives for customers to replace older, inefficient devices in and around their homes
  • Offers water conservation devices that are an easy way the public can contribute to the overall management of our water resources and extend the life span of existing water supplies


If we each save a little, we’ll all save a lot!